Hello friends I had the Pfizer vaccine yesterday at the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath. Great team and really well organised. It doesn't hurt a bit. We all need to get one and then we can come out of this nightmare and move on up! Please grab the chance when it comes Jeanette was last week and Nige was today... its coming

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      We at the Physio Therapy Centre hope to be getting the vaccine jabs next week- we are on the list! It makes me feel that we are moving closer to a better place after what has been a tricky time for all.  This will be Jab 1.   I have been reading about getting Jab 1 and about delays to then getting Jab 2. Data from testing, together with knowledge about other vaccines suggest that any delay for Jab 2 should not make it less effective. Whether it’s the Pfizer or the Oxford Jab 2 should follow Jab 1 within about 28 days. A single dose of the Pfizer is about 85-90% [...]

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    Running during lockdown/s in 2020   Jason Pongracic  2020...what a crazy year it was! With everything COVID has brought us, the disruption in many of our everyday lives has meant that we've all had to find new ways to keep ourselves busy. While some (myself included) have spent hours on the couch watching every new show Netflix has to offer, a lot of people have taken up running during lockdown. There are the first timers, the weekend warriors who are now training like athletes and even the seasoned runners who have taken up the challenge of aiming for a personal best. [...]

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    Travelling within a Tier 4 area is fine for medical appointments. See below taken from the Government website. Please contact us via our website  here at https://www.therapy-centre.net  if you wish to make an appointment or make any changes to existing appointments. Visit here for our requirements. If you live in a Tier 4 area, you must not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse (for example, for work or education purposes). If you need to travel you should stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live – and [...]

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    We have written a new template for data collection and reviews. You will receive this via email when you first make an appt with us. We collect data so that we can measure our quality and your functionality and "wellness". We also hope that you will leave a review either on Google or FB so there is information on that.  Here is the template: Hello Thank you so much for reading all this and helping us to be the best we can. We apologise for all this paperwork, but we are collecting data for the University of Brighton to help make our physiotherapy provision the best we can. We [...]

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