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  • We are very proud of our Clinic in Haywards Heath, which is a wonderful old Victorian House. with some of the old features of the building still in place.

    It makes a perfect clinic and has a wonderful relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and airy, with substantial doors, offering quiet rooms for our patients to be treated in with total confidentiality.

    Look out the windows onto our back garden.... a haven for the wildlife of Haywards Heath, where we encourage meadow flowers, by encouraging areas of our garden to be left to natural habitat.  Vegetable planters are used by the partners, which offer them the recreational time of gardening in their breaks.

    We also have bee hives, so you may be lucky enough to watch a swarm leaving to look for a new home, the mating flight of the queen, or Wendy in her bee wear, tending the bees.