• Accessability

    Access can be a little difficult, as the house is late Victorian with a porch and a wide step. However there is a hand rail on the left hand side as you enter the house.

    We do have disability ramps available, but we would ask that you let us know in advance that you may require these or with help by one of our team, to come into the house.

    Our cloakroom does have a fairly wide door and we have hand rails on either side of the toilet. 

  • Parking

  • Although we have a fairly large car park at the Physio Therapy Centre, we cannot guarantee a parking space, as parking is limited. Our busiest times are Monday & Wednesday mornings, all day on Tuesdays.  Please try to help us in the following ways:

    • If patients are in pain they may need priority to park in the car park
    • If you live locally and could walk to the practice, this would be a tremendous help
    • If you are visiting to attend a class please try to park elsewhere. There is some on street parking in the road outside the centre or in the public car park by Newtons GP practice of near M&S
    • When you have finished your treatment, please move your car from the car park as soon as possible as parking is a premium and the next patient may need your space
    • Please do not ask if you can leave your car, whilst you ‘just pop down the road’.
    • If you have more than 1 car, please bring the smaller car, if possible, this helps with space and people getting in and out
    • Please don’t get anxious with our reception team if you are unable to find a space
    • Leave plenty of time to find alternative parking, which may be necessary

    We really value your custom and your help on this matter would be greatly appreciated