• Physio Therapy Centre Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill
    Physio Therapy Centre Haywards Heath
    Physio Therapy Centre 7 Delaware Road Vermont Place Haywards Heath

  • We provide professional treatments for: Physiotherapy - musculo/skeletal problems, women's and men's health, ante and post natal care, Clinical Pilates/classes, Chiropody, Podiatry, Acupuncture, sports and therapeutic massage, Alexander Technique, CBT Counselling, Indian head massage.






    The Physio Therapy Centre is changing address location but will remain in Haywards Heath.

    Our New Address;

    7 Delaware Road
    (Vermont Place)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH16 3UX





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    We specialise in all musculoskeletal(MSK) problems and have been looking after the people of Sussex for more than 100 years.


    • Our Initial Physio appointments are now 45 minutes and only £60 - book today.
    • Over 30% of all consults to the GP is for MSK issues and as you will have no doubt found out, its pretty difficult these days to get to see your GP so we are being kept pretty busy.


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    The Physio Therapy Centre Team

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  • Haywards Heath

    Haywards Heath
    7 Delaware Road
    (Vermont Place)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH16 3UX
    Phone: 01444 450162
    Email: mail@therapy-centre.net

  • Opening Times

    Monday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Tuesday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Wednesday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Thursday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Friday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Sat & Sun - Closed
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  • Burgess Hill

    The Triangle Leisure Centre
    Triangle Way
    Burgess Hill
    West Sussex
    RH15 8WA
    Phone: 01444 450162
    Email: mail@therapy-centre.net



    Climbing at the Triangle


    Have a go ….. It looks great fun!!
    At the Physio Therapy Centre we are very excited by the changes at the Triangle! Not only has the gym moved upstairs and the equipment become more versatile, the climbing wall is nearly finished and there is also a new cafe! The Triangle is looking very good and we are proud to be associated with them!
    Being physiotherapists we just wanted to give you some starting points of how to avoid any strains when taking up new exercises!
    As a general rule:
    Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes on a cardio machine at a low intensity to get everything moving.
    Do some simple stretches – hold each one for 20 to 30 seconds.
    When you feel ready do your planned work out.
    Cool down for 15 minutes on a cardio machine at a low intensity.
    If you need a guide on how to work out your perceived effort rates then please look at the blog piece on our website here:

    If you are taking up a specific new sport, like rock climbing, then do some sport specific training. According to a recent publication into relative importance of four muscle groups for indoor rock climbing performance found that using the hand cycle ergometer at a medium to high intensity for 5 to 10 minutes and working on developing your arm and shoulder girdle strength. Have a chat to the Personal Trainers in the gym they are good at designing such work outs. AND if you do hurt yourself or get a muscle sprain or strain, do come to see us for a Physiotherapy assessment or a sports massage!
    Happy training!
    The Physio Therapy Team
    Visit our website www.therapy-centre.net
    Tel 01444 450162