• Jayne Phillips


    Jayne Phillips     Physiotherapist    Clinical Pilates teacher    Acupuncture

     I graduated in 1997 and I have worked both in the NHS and privately throughout my career.  During this time, I have acquired a diverse skill set including the use of acupuncture, manipulation, fascial release and clinical Pilates.

     I use my specialist knowledge to provide exercise and rehabilitation programmes that are specific to my patients, taking into consideration your pain, pathology and medical history. I have a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of conditions across all ages, varying from back and neck pain, orthopaedics and surgery, ante natal and post natal, hip and groin, shoulder and upper limb.  I took my formal Pilates training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates institute(APPI) in 2007 and over the last 10 years I have seen the enormous rehabilitation benefits, injury prevention and performance improvement that Pilates can offer.

    My special interest is in rehabilitation of re current injuries and helping those with long term conditions which have proved difficult to resolve. I am also a big believer in preventative healthcare and love to facilitate this as often as I can. My philosophy is to educate, empower and I am passionate about helping you to understand your body and be the best you can. 

    I have specialist training in:-

    Pilates for scoliosis

    Pilates for Hypermobility

    Pilates for Osteoporosis

    Pilates for runners

    Pilates for cyclists

    Pilates for children and young people

    I teach on a 121 basis and in small dedicated classes ranging from beginners to advanced at The Physio Therapy Centre.  I also run classes in West Sussex including balance and falls reduction, over 65s, men only and teach Pilates to children in schools.  I use a range of equipment to ensure the body is continually challenged.