• Updated 5th Oct 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Phase II of the Covid 19 response and face 2 face treatment

    The main points are to maintain social distancing as we are best able and to always keep our hands as clean as possible. We want you to be safe and feel safe when you are at the Centre so we will be doing our upmost to ensure this.

    If you think you would like to see one of our therapists then you will be asked to agree that you are not a diagnosed or suspected Covid 19 carrier and then we will agree together that you understand the risks and have agreed to a face 2 face meeting. You will also need to consent to treatment. Please do not come to the Centre if you suspect at all that you may be a risk.

    Please confirm that:
    • You have not had any recent alteration in taste or smell
    • You do not have a temperature/fever
    • You do not have a new continuous dry cough
    • You do not have a sore throat
    • You have not developed recent shortness of breath
    • You have not developed recent chest pain
    • You have not developed any recent rashes
    • You do not have a runny nose or nasal congestion
    • There are no recent bouts of diarrhoea
    • You have not noticed any recent increase in fatigue

    Procedure at the Physio Therapy Centre

    o   We have had to close the waiting room so when you arrive at the practice please wait in your car until called or you can phone in to say you have arrived.    Please wear a mask.

    If on foot or by bike ring the doorbell and wait outside until the door is answered.

    o   Our therapist who will be wearing a mask, gloves and apron, will collect you from your car or carpark

    o   You will need to sign that you consent to treatment – a consent form will have been sent to you prior to your treatment and a signed copy should be brought to your appointment as well as a signed data collection consent form

    o   Please cleanse your hands on entering the building

    o   Your temperature will be taken via an infrared thermometer

    o   If you have a temperature you will not be able to continue with the appointment

    o   You will then go to the treatment room that will have been pre-cleansed

    o   A consultation will follow to assess your condition as per a normal session

    o   Treatment will follow that will include education, advice, exercise and manual therapy

    o   Payments and appointments can be made with reception. Please stay behind the screen

    Or if preferred, payments can be made over the phone and a follow-up appt made as required as well as dealing with any insurance matters

    Please scan the official NHS QR code when you visit us; you can download the NHSCOVID-19 app from your Android or Apple app store for free.

    Thank you for your help in keeping us all Covid safe