Most low back MRI referrals show abnormalities   Just read today this interesting article on imaging using MRI scanners and looking at those who are referred for them when suffering with low back pain. Nearly ALL patients who have low[...]

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    Hi!  nothing for months and then wow!  2 in a week. here we are again. Must be doing more reading these days. What we have always known and is not often highlighted is that: If you have hip pain doesn't mean you'll see anything on X-Ray [...]

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    The Physio Therapy Centre offers advice either through information leaflets and articles that can be found on the website www.therapy-centre.net Here is an example of the advice you can find on our site: Health through exercise. It has been [...]

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    About us

    Established in 1919 we have been caring for the people of Mid Sussex for over 100 years. We are rightly proud of this and were awarded the honour of being the longest established business by the Mid Susses District Council.  Led by Masters level[...]

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           Acupuncture works to help maintain the body’s equilibrium. It involves insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of Qi, your body’s vital energy. Acupuncture began with the discovery [...]

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