• Location

    The Physio Therapy Centre has been at the Triangle for over 10 years where you will find hydrotherapy and top quality therapists to help you with your problems.

    This includes a pool for hydrotherapy, gym rehabilitation and access to gym facilities at reduced rates if your Physiotherapists recommends any of these, as a part of your rehabilitation.

    Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Sports Massage are the therapies offered at the Triangle 

  • Contact Details

    Appointments at:
    The Triangle Leisure Centre
    Triangle Way,
    Burgess Hill,
    West Sussex 
    RH15 8WA

    For information or to make an appointment:
    Call: 01444 450162
    Email us your comments and suggestions, or to request more information mail@therapy-centre.net
  • Physiotherapy - with Tobias Bremer & Adam Rawle Appointments available

  • Sports Massage - with Tobias Bremer and Adam Rawle 

    Appointments available

  • Acupuncture - with Christine MacFie  Appointments available Monday mornings, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and early evenings.