Run Run Run

    Warming up – the nitty gritty! So you have done all the hard work and are ready for your race – don’t mess it up now by ignoring some of the nuances of the final bit of race prep – the warm up. Now, this isn’t a ‘how to’ warm up [...]

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    Traditional acupuncture for better sleep and daytime energy

    Restful sleep is essential to human life, health and wellbeing and it’s vital to restore and regenerate us, so our bodies and minds can work effectively in the daytime. Insomnia is where someone is habitually unable to fall or stay asleep. This [...]

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    acupuncture and managing seasonal change

    Managing seasonal change with Acupuncture As winter approaches, the colder weather and darker days can affect our health and wellbeing, with many of us having more sinus and chest problems, colds, coughs, aching joints, less energy and gloomier [...]

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    Hip replacements for the under 55

    Hip replacements. The risk of revision or ‘re-do’ surgery for hip-replacements aged under 55 is much higher than for patients aged over 75. So you should bare this in mind when considering whether to have one as soon as you can. The National [...]

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    Physiotherapy for Pain. This evidence further supports its use in reducing pain

    Physiotherapy for pain. The increased use and belief in the efficiency of physiotherapy as a pain treatment with no or limited safety concerns has led to physiotherapies being included in several international recommendations on management of major [...]

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