• Physio Therapy Centre Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill
    Physio Therapy Centre Haywards Heath
    Physio Therapy Centre 7 Delaware Road Vermont Place Haywards Heath

  • We provide professional treatments for: Physiotherapy - musculo/skeletal problems, women's and men's health, ante and post natal care, Clinical Pilates/classes, Chiropody, Podiatry, Acupuncture, sports and therapeutic massage, Alexander Technique, CBT Counselling, Indian head massage.






    The Physio Therapy Centre is changing address location but will remain in Haywards Heath.

    Our New Address;

    7 Delaware Road
    (Vermont Place)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH16 3UX





    Please feel free to try it out by clicking the BOOK ONLINE NOW > .


    We specialise in all musculoskeletal(MSK) problems and have been looking after the people of Sussex for more than 100 years.


    • Our Initial Physio appointments are now 45 minutes and only £60 - book today.
    • Over 30% of all consults to the GP is for MSK issues and as you will have no doubt found out, its pretty difficult these days to get to see your GP so we are being kept pretty busy.


    Also take a look at our Facebook page here for more information.

    The Physio Therapy Centre Team

  • Physio Blog

    Paul Johnson gets Pfizer Vaccine

    Hello friends I had the Pfizer vaccine yesterday at the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath. Great team and really well organised. It doesn't hurt a bit. We all need to get one and then we can come [...]

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    The vaccine jab gets closer

      We at the Physio Therapy Centre hope to be getting the vaccine jabs next week- we are on the list! It makes me feel that we are moving closer to a better place after what has been a [...]

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  • Haywards Heath

    Haywards Heath
    7 Delaware Road
    (Vermont Place)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH16 3UX
    Phone: 01444 450162
    Email: mail@therapy-centre.net

  • Opening Times

    Monday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Tuesday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Wednesday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Thursday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Friday - 8.30am - 18.00pm
    Sat & Sun - Closed
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  • Burgess Hill

    The Triangle Leisure Centre
    Triangle Way
    Burgess Hill
    West Sussex
    RH15 8WA
    Phone: 01444 450162
    Email: mail@therapy-centre.net

  • General - Ski Sense

    Fantastic. It’s that wonderful time of the year again! The snow has been falling in your chosen resort and your raring to go. Got the jacket, got the hat, got the gloves.

  • Perhaps with the other stuff your thinking, maybe I’ll buy my own skis this year, new poles? Or perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever been and you’ve borrowed the lot.

    What ever it is, just remember, you may be looking good on the outside but, to really maximise the fun, you’ve got to look good on the inside and by this we mean:

    GET FIT. It’s hard, hard work on the slopes. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and the fitter you are the more you’ll LOVE IT!! And the longer you can stay on the slopes and keep injury free!
    Get to the gym and start getting those legs good & strong. It’s never too early but try to be doing it at least six weeks before snow day. Stamina’s the key and Endurance. Get jogging, cycling, cross-training, rowing, swimming. Football & racquet sports are good. Think about what you’re going to be doing on the slopes! Anything thats got twisting, turning, jumping, running will fit the bill.
    Join a pre-skiing exercise class. They’re going to be firming up your thighs and tummies; improving your agility & flexibility. Don’t do any ski-sits-- not good on the KNEES!
    Get some lessons. Make a visit to the dry ski slope . Have a look at the web site www.natives.co.uk for your nearest centre. HOWEVER, avoid them for a few weeks before you go. You want to be injury free before you leave!
    There is such a thing as Apres Ski. Well this is goooood fun and great to look forward to at the end of a long day skiing but remember:

    Alcohol & ski-ing don’t mix. Just like driving it can make you reckless. So moderation please
    Eat foods low in fats & high in carbohydrates like pasta, bread, muesli, potatoes, rice
    Keep up your energy stores during the day. Take muesli bars or if you have to, chocolate bars are good for high altitudes. Take a high energy drink in a hip-flask. Always useful!

    Equipment & Clothing

    Wear-in new stuff before you go especially boots. Wear them around the house for a month before you go. If your getting them there , there’ll be trained staff to help you when you go to pick up you ski gear.
    Buy the best kit you can afford. The better the clothing the better it will look after you. Jacket, salopettes, hat, gloves.
    Go to the slopes many-layered. You can always take some off. If you haven’t got them, you can’t add them. How about a nice pair of long-johns.. We kid you not.. they can really help!
    Eye protection is vital. Goggles are usually too much if the suns up so get the good cool looking shades-Essential. But if it’s not, goggles are a godsend and a face mask can make your day if it’s really cold.
    Don’t forget the PRODUCTS. Face cream, lip salve, sun lotion. You DO NOT want to burned on day one
    Warm up before you set of for the next run. Just jump around a bit
    AVOID "Just one more run" This is when you injury yourself especially at the end of the day