Physiotherapists are specialists in the field of neuro-musculo-skeletal medicine. They are experts in treating the pain and discomfort that comes as a result of various conditions, from sports injuries to ageing and strokes.

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    They are often used as part of rehabilitation programmes in hospitals. Physiotherapists treat conditions holistically, incorporating not just the use of techniques to restore physical movement, but also elements of self help advice, diet and lifestyle choices. Physiotherapists are trained in restoring altered physical function to its optimal level and improving the way the body operates after an injury. They mobilise and manipulate structures such as joints, muscles and nerves by balancing the patient’s needs with the optimal recovery process to help them recover in the most comfortable way possible.


    Osteopaths in Burgess Hill work in a very similar way to physiotherapists. They use a variety of techniques to influence the body’s healing system, including soft tissue and muscle manipulation and joint articulation. It focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself, and the osteopath aims to restore the body’s function in relation to its structure through the manipulation of the body. They can also provide advice about posture and diet which may be beneficial for some patients. The practice is based on the idea that the body is a unit, comprising the mind, body and spirit, and osteopathic treatment reflects this by treating each part of the body as interrelated. By treating the body as a whole and manipulating the way each part of the structure relates to the others, the aim is to reduce pain, tenderness and discomfort.

    How are they different?

    Physiotherapy and osteopathy are actually very similar. At The Physio Therapy Centre, we have a team of fully qualified, professional physiotherapists who perform very similar work to osteopaths. The general consensus is that osteopathy is a more alternative form of treatment with its principles rooted in ideas about the philosophy of the body, whereas physiotherapy tends to be used more to treat diagnosed medical problems. Physiotherapists are used widely throughout the NHS and alongside sports teams to provide specialist treatment to deal with a wide range of health problems. Physiotherapy is focused on restoring the body to its optimal function, whereas osteopathy is based more on helping the body recover using its own self-healing abilities. Physiotherapy also works by observing and correcting the technique of various movements for long-term musculo-skeletal correction.

    Which is right for me?

    Your GP should be able to tell you what course of treatment they would recommend for your individual condition, as everyone’s body is different and requires different types of treatment. However, if you have been undergoing treatment from an osteopath and haven’t noticed a significant difference in your condition, our trained physiotherapists are able to conduct treatment for very similar conditions, so it may be worth finding out whether physiotherapy is more effective for your own problem.

    For Osteopaths in Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill get in touch with The Physio Therapy Centre. We will be happy to explain more about the type of treatment our physiotherapists can provide and whether it is appropriate for you and your condition.