• About us


    Established in 1919 we have been caring for the people of Mid Sussex for over 100 years. We are rightly proud of this and were awarded the honour of being the longest established business by the Mid Susses District Council. 

    Led by Masters level physiotherapists we are expert clinical practitioners with advanced knowledge gained from many years of experience and our reputation means that we are often the first port of call for many. Over 85% of our patients are self-referrers to the Centre and more than 70% are returners, or come via “word of mouth” making us the forerunners of our profession. Now more than ever our experience means that those that have a musculoskeletal problem know to come to us, and with over 30% of consults to GPs or Consultants being MSK issues, we are kept very busy.

    We are a researched based profession and all our practitioners collect data that is assessed and analysed by the University of Brighton and through this our physiotherapists have achieved Quality Assured status (QAP). What does this mean? In up to 80% of our patients, we completed or exceeded the goals we set and we did this in treatment times that were better than the national average

    Your satisfaction is important to us, so we collect measures on how well we’ve done with you and your condition, measuring your health state via wellbeing and functionality questions. Again, our results show that we achieve our shared goals, with improved positive scores on all measures.

    Coming to see us means you will be triaged and treated in the most effective way for your condition. Our data shows that the sooner you seek out help the better your outcomes will be, so give us a call today, make an appointment and come and see us.