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    acupuncture and managing seasonal change

    Managing seasonal change with Acupuncture As winter approaches, the colder weather and darker days can affect our health and wellbeing, with many of us having more sinus and chest problems, colds, coughs, aching joints, less energy and gloomier moods. Traditional acupuncture can help [...]

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    Where does my hip pain come from?

    Hip pain:  It may be a familiar story; You have developed pain around the side of your hip and dutifully go to your GP to find out the source. The GP sends you for a x-ray and it comes back with the dreaded diagnosis of hip arthritis. But hang on! There are many sources of hip pain and this [...]

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    Perceived Rate of Effort for aerobic workouts

    The Perceived Rate of Effort (PRE) scale. Some people find it difficult to judge which ‘zones’ they should be working out at when doing their aerobic work. Why do zones matter? It is important to stay in the correct zone in order to hit the ‘fat burning zone’, ‘aerobic development zone’[...]

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    New Triangle Climbing Wall

      http://www.therapy-centre.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/climbing.jpg Climbing at the Triangle   Have a go ..... It looks great fun!! At the Physio Therapy Centre we are very excited by the changes at the Triangle! Not only has the gym moved upstairs and the equipment become[...]

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    Older people's day 2017

    Celebrating Older People's Day 2017 Sunday October 1st is officially Older People’s Day 2017, an International Day to celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to society. Once again, we have worked in partnership with seniors’ forums, the voluntary sector, [...]

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