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    Gps too soft on back pain?

    ‘too soft on back pain’ By Henry Bodkin BACK pain costs Britain a million years in lost productivity annually, with GPs signing patients off work too easily, a study has found. A series of reports in The Lancet reveals an epidemic of lower back pain is being exacerbated by [...]

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    Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability globally but too often patients are let down by the treatment they are offered, say experts. They have written a series of papers in The Lancet asking the worldwide medical profession to stop offering ineffective and potentially harmful [...]

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    Traditional acupuncture for better sleep and daytime energy

    Restful sleep is essential to human life, health and wellbeing and it’s vital to restore and regenerate us, so our bodies and minds can work effectively in the daytime. Insomnia is where someone is habitually unable to fall or stay asleep. This might be occasional or short lived, or it can [...]

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    if your knee hurts keep exercising it

      If your knee hurts, keep exercising, says expert Ewa M Roos If you take up exercise later in life, as a treatment for joint or hip pain, you should expect a small, temporary increase in pain. But if you proceed sensibly, you will be rewarded with pain relief similar to that of a[...]

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    acupuncture and managing seasonal change

    Managing seasonal change with Acupuncture As winter approaches, the colder weather and darker days can affect our health and wellbeing, with many of us having more sinus and chest problems, colds, coughs, aching joints, less energy and gloomier moods. Traditional acupuncture can help [...]

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