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      We provide professional treatments for: Physiotherapy - musculo/skeletal problems, women's health, ante and post natal care - Fit back & bumps classes, Clinical Pilates/classes, Chiropody, Podiatry, Acupuncture, sports and therapeutic massage, Alexander Technique, CBT Counselling, NLP Hypnotherapy


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      RICE, PRICE or vanilla ice that’s the question. Having started my little research project into the use of ice to help the healing process after being shown the book by Gary Reinl my journey ended up somewhere completely different altogether. What are you on about I hear you ask. Well, what [...]

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      Activity:around one in two women and a third of men in England are damaging their health through a lack of physical activity.1 This is unsustainable and costing the UK an estimated £7.4bn a year.2,3 If current trends continue, the increasing costs of health and social care will destabilise public [...]

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