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      We provide professional treatments for: Physiotherapy - musculo/skeletal problems, women's health, ante and post natal care - Fit back & bumps classes, Clinical Pilates/classes, Chiropody, Podiatry, Acupuncture, sports and therapeutic massage, Alexander Technique, CBT Counselling, NLP Hypnotherapy


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      Running skills course

      Sunday 22 May 2016      1.30-5pm here at the Physio Therapy Centre

      A unique opportunity to help your running become:

      • enjoyable
      • freer and easier 
      • less prone to injury

      Tutor: Malcom Balk

      to book contact Korina Biggs at 07855392552, korinabiggs@gmail.com

      more info at: www.korinabiggs.co.uk and www.theartofrunning.com

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      Mid-sussex marathon weekend. 31st April to 2nd May 2016

      have you considered being part of this great weekend of running ? The Physio Therapy Centre will be there on Sunday 1st May and Monday 2nd May 2016. We will be at the finish line on both days. Look for our tent where we will have sports massage available and be able to offer you advice from our [...]

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      A Way to Get Fit and Also Have Fun.  The 10-20-30 fitness programme

      I picked this up from a Danish paper and I have copied it to our blog. Have a read; it is a great way to get fit without getting bored! Researchers in Denmark recently began delving into that issue and in the process developed a new approach to intense interval training that could appeal [...]

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      Back pain responds to an individual approach

      Individual physiotherapy is more effective than advice alone for people with long-term back pain. Many patients with persisting low back pain over 6 weeks do not recover and it is recommended that such patients are given advice about prognosis and getting back to normal activities.  This research [...]

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      Acupuncture awareness week is 7th to 13th March

      Grin and Bear it’ Brits need to pin point their pain  We’re famously a nation that doesn’t like to make a fuss but new statistics from the British Acupuncture Council reveal that when it comes to pain over half of the UK nearly half of Brits (44%) just grin and bear it which could impact [...]

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      Let us tell you about telomeres and how running helps them

      Inside the nucleus of a cell, our genes are arranged along twisted, double-stranded molecules of DNA called chromosomes. At the ends of the chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres, which protect our genetic data, make it possible for cells to divide, and hold some secrets to how we age and[...]

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      Skiing advice to get fit for the slopes

      written by  physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald, this article appeared in the Telegraph recently. Might help to read this before you go to help get you fit for the trip Ski fitness: how to get fit for the slopes Get your alignment right before your holiday and you'll be carving a [...]

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