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      We provide professional treatments for: Physiotherapy - musculo/skeletal problems, women's health, ante and post natal care - Fit back & bumps classes, Clinical Pilates/classes, Chiropody, Podiatry, Acupuncture, sports and therapeutic massage, Alexander Technique, CBT Counselling, NLP Hypnotherapy

    • We are a dedicated team of expert physiotherapists with specialist training in the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems.

      Treatment by physiotherapy aims at the facilitation and restoration of movement and function. It can play a vital role in pain relief, healing and rehabilitation in most medical, surgical and orthopaedic conditions.

      We treat: spine & joint problems, post fracture/joint replacement conditions, soft tissue injuries, repetitive strain injuries, tension headaches.


    • Acupuncture works to help maintain the body’s equilibrium. It involves insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of Qi, your body’s vital energy.
      Acupuncture began with the discovery that the stimulation of certain areas of the skin affected the functioning of specific organs. It evolved into part of the system of healing we now know as Chinese Medicine as the connection between the skin and the organs was better understood and more sensitive ways of stimulation were devised.

    • When your feet hurt you hurt all over.

      Our Podiatrist who is HCPC registered, takes great pride in the quality of professional advice and treatment you receive. Our aim is to ensure total foot health for you and your family through preventative, routine and corrective treatments.


    • Massage therapy helps to alleviate stress and tension and can improve and stimulate muscle tone and circulation.

      Our extremely highly qualified practitioners are devoted to providing you with the best treatment possible, using deep tissue massage for sporting injuries to a lighter massage for those who are sensitive to pain. 


    • We have 2 dedicated Counsellors offering a broad spectrum of services. They are highly qualified BACP accredited Counsellors, with many years of experience.

      Whether you are looking for individual counselling for a personal problem, couples counselling or need help with family issues or parenting, our Counsellors would be very happy to initially have a chat with you about how they may be able to help.

    • We have a dedicated Women's Health Physiotherapist who specialises in treating a wide variety of gynaecological problems, including bladder and bowel continence, prolapse, pre and post surgery as well as pregnancy related continence issues. We also offer 'Fit back and bumps' ante and post natal exercise classes, which are also only taken by our Physiotherapist.


    • Our  hypnotherapist has a Diploma in Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as being a licensed Master Neural Linguistic Practitioner (NLP).

      NLP and hypnotherapy can benefit you when it comes to weight loss and food addiction, increase motivation, help with stopping smoking and much more.

      For advice or booking appointments please call Mike Whittam on 07801 012747. This service cannot be booked online.

    • At the Physio Therapy Centre our physiotherapists may encourage you to consider Pilates to aid with your rehabilitation and help provide long term relief.

      Our aim is to develop individually tailored and specific rehabilitation programmes, enabling the individual to progress with exercise at their own rate. Small classes are also available.

      Download our Pilates leaflet by clicking Here


    • Alexander Technique

      The Alexander Technique is a long established and proven method of alleviating the pain associated with your posture and the way in which you move.

      You learn to help yourself with improved postural and movement skills. Other benefits include easier breathing, better balance, less stress and a feeling of well-being.


    • Pilates classes

      Pilates; Improves posture and muscle control, increases strength and flexibility, strengthens the core, helps prevent back pain, aids relaxation and more.

    • Fit Back & Bumps is an Ante and Post Natal Educational Exercise Programme run by Chartered Physiotherapists.  It brings mums and mums to be together to share pregnancy experiences and will help you to exercise safely during and after your pregnancy.


    • Reflexology

      Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy to the feet and sometimes the hands. This relaxing treatment involves applying pressure and massage to specific points, thereby helping the body to restore balance. 

      Please contact Paula on 07506 021549 if you wish to book an appointment.


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      Introductory Alexander Technique Course



      Acupuncture awareness week 7th - 13th March 2016

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